• Preperation

    • Before applying interior films, the surface condition of where to be applied must be checked for a proper installation.


      Please use densely homogenous MDFs, this enhances adhesion and fire retardant performance.
      Iron plate (aluminium,iron, etc.) steel
      Remove contaminants such as oil on the surface with solvents such as alcohol, check for damage to the surface due to solvents, treat irregularities and welding areas with filler and remove any foreign matter with wallpaper scrappers, sandpaper etc. and then clean area with lint free cloths and cleaning brushes.
      Ready-made products
      Depending on the surface condition, the primer must be used to prevent shrinkage and dropout, and the surface must be checked prior to the installation.

      - Before intallation, inspection of the product selected by the consumer (product name, pattern, appearance status)
      must re-check in advance.
      - Installation work must be conducted after inspection of all preparation works done, this includes the coating, painting and sealant process of any woodwork or porous substrates.
      - For a stable working environment, check the humidity of the construction site and keep the room temperature at
      (15°C to 25°C) if possible. 
      - The across section - overlapping area (cutting area) of the surfaces (MDF, etc.) where the film will be applied must be sufficiently
      cleaned or polished with sandpaper. The condition of the wood surface (particularly the edges) is rough,
      it must be cleaned or polished with sandpaper or applied after filler treatment.
  • Primer treatment

    • - Apply a sufficient primer to the surface of substrate (MDF, PB, etc.) 1-2 times. 

      - Since the cutting (slit) surface of wood has a high absorption rate and uneven surfaces, the primer should be fully applied 2-3 times. 

      - Primers will need approximately 2 hours drying time. It is advised and recommended that you check the substrate and thoroughly dry and clean prior to installation.

  • Installation Film

    • Once the primer surface is dry enough, make the surface smooth and overlappping section is needed to be cleaned with sandpaper and remove residue with a lint free cloth and make sure area is completelydustfree.

      - Surface treatment by using sandpapers is required and make sure the surface is clean before applying primer to enhance adhesion performance.

      - Please make a pressure using by Helt or Hera (Spatula). Rubbing or Hard Pressure may work to stengthen the Adhesion 2 -3 times.

      - Apply interior films carefully, not wrapping films forcefully pull over MDF plates, heat or humidity can cause a MDF distortion.

  • Specific Product Instructions

    • SC/SE (man-made leather type) 

      - Do not overlap due to the embossed depth and please apply Solvent Type Primer to press firmly.

      - In order to maximize the visual effect of the product, it is necessary to check the type and condition of the surfaces and remove all residues prior to installation. Do not rub too hard. 


      To enlarge the design effect, the film is too soft on the top. Please do not rub too hard.


      JG/JF is specially processed using Alumium, detachment of where film lines are overlapped can cause a peeling of films surfaces. So pay attention at installing


      - As being treated with a special process on the surfaces, it feels initially not sticky enough in the overlapped parts, but being fully pressed adhesive parts will be stabilized stronger over time. (Method when contaminated : Wipe with an alkaline alcohol to remove.) 

  • Product Storage and Precautions

    • - Please avoid moisture and direct sunlight, and please do not use it outdoors. 

      - The surface may become discolored during prolonged exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light. 

      - It is recommended that correct storage temperatures are used for storing the product to be free from long term storage defects.

      (15°C to 25°C)

      - When installing the film, please use manufacturer’s recommend products.

  • Self Installation Guide